Thursday, March 22, 2007

Government Rights on War

I have been quiet due to a crazy spring semester. Crazy on terms that there are plenty of things to accomplish, but I had been too quiet. Bout time for some expression.

I had been conflicted with myself for a while now. I have blogged on government intervention for a while now and had been bitten by the notion that "the government that governs best is the one that governs least." If you recall that is an old quote from Thomas Jefferson. He saw the problem with governments and how they imposed upon the rights of the people. So I am just reiterating what it is we know. My conflict fell upon the military. Should or could the military be privatized. Many have said yes, but I could not understand it. If it was privatized then he who owned it could impose his rules on to us by force. Therefore it leaves that military must lie in the hands of the government, but if the government has a military it can then cry out for war sending our military to any corner of the world.

The answer to this was simple, and I owe a gratitude to Economics PHD student at GMU for the insight. I can also attribute it to a few books, but it is mainly due to the PHD student. So simple is the notion although he believes in privatizing the military. The government can simply never proclaim war upon any other nation. The military's use is only to protect the rights of the citizens from any foreign force trying to enforce themselves upon them. By taking away the governments power in declaring war, we take away the politicians use of the country's military for their own gain. By the loss of declaring war, we allow those in the military to live longer more productive lives. By the loss of declaring war, we earn an edge, for a military that fights for the protection of their own family fights best. Yes, the Constitution needs a new amendment. That the government can no longer declare war.

Now there will be cries for help from across the world. Could there not be a privatized team to assist them? Perhaps former military who are experts in their field will join together constructing a privatized military. With this, companies oversees can pay former Marines, soldiers, airmen, or sailors for protection. Foreign governments would pay these privatized military men for aide. They would receive the market wage they should be earning rather than the underpaid government wages. In other jobs, the riskier the job the higher the pay. Why is it the military is underpaid? Government control. An open market privatized military would be able to receive top dollar for their labor. Yes, let there be an end to government force. Let there be an end to government's abuse. Let there be an end to declaring War.