Monday, January 11, 2010

Political Economy of Harry Potter: Ministry of Magic

The 2000’s have been a decade of Harry Potter. Although the series has finished, the story continues through the movies, and the love for the story spreads. Interestingly enough, a main theme through out the series has been the error in the Ministry of Magic who continuously undermine one of the most powerful greatest Wizard of all time.

The lesson? Government failure and their disillusion that they have the correct solution over the experts. Does real life need a villain in order for any fan of Harry Potter to see the errors of a strong central government which believes it knows better than the specialists?

Within the Potter world, could many events have been avoided if the Ministry of Magic had only listened to Harry Potter and Dumbledore?

Within the real world, could the events of the economic collapse been avoided if the government had corrected their policies according to what most economists viewed as the correct policy?

My last question is, why aren’t Harry Potter fans skeptical about government intervention?