Friday, November 24, 2006

Peak Oil

I know that peak oil has been an interesting topic in the comments on this blog, so while doing some research I found an interesting website for all those who believe the world is running low on peak oil. Hope it helps. You can find the website here. Don't forget to watch the 3 minute interview with Daniel Yergin, one of the co-authors of Commanding Heights, also made into a PBS movie.


Anonymous said...

If only it were true.

It's sad that "melissa" has abandoned blogging.

Anonymous said...

I encourage you to read "The Party's over" by Richard Heinberg. It's a good introductory lesson.

They're pulling their figures out of their ass in that article. If you look at discoveries in recent years, they run completely counter to those optimistic projections.

Oil may have peaked late last year, and virtually every projection indicates it will peak before 2010.

It's really amazing to see how current events make so much sense through the lense of global oil competition. I really encourage you to do some personal research. Things that seem contradictory aren't. Everything, almost, is explainable as a petroleum-based motivation.

Idunois said...

The truth is still to be decided. Truth is all the data we have is imperfect, therefore we can declare it not to be accurate. The data is only a statistical number, and we know that statistics is never exact. Unfortunately, only time will tell, but I like to look upon the bright side.

As for the Ditzy Democrats, it was a sad day when they stopped blogging. Perhaps it was accidental, and they shall soon return. I am hoping to put something up for them, Hopefully soon.

Anonymous said...

Geological reality doesn't suddenly morph into something different. Look at discoveries. The oil we're using now was discovered mainly before the 1970s. Today, we use 6 times as much oil as we discover yearly.

That article doesn't present any hard data, as far as I can tell. I've been looking at everything I can get my hands on, from independent "green" professors to statistics produced by the department of energy. It all points to peak oil in the next decade.

Send "melissa" my regards :p.