Saturday, February 03, 2007

Politicians and the things they say

It is said "Economists do not vote". The reasons why are numerous. You can ask many on how do you vote and they may answer that they choose the lesser of the two evils. If it is evil why should we vote on it? Evil is evil no matter how much.

I think I am officially tired of politics. Those who are part of the party in power will always say "Stay the course". If they say we need change, then they are dividing their party which will harm their political career. Those who are not in the party in power will run with the slogan of change. What else is new? We expect it, but how much can we be lied to?

I was at a rally and heard that we need to discontinue the politicians supporting special interest groups. Furthermore, we need to end the politicians supporting their own agendas. I have heard it dozens of times before. Yet, here was the rally for change. A movement that was meant to be a beginning, and yet the politician spoke to a special interest group. The topics he touched related to this special interest group.

The politician was Senator Barrack Obama, whose heart is in the right place, but so caught up in caring he may in reality hurt those he wishes to help. How? Why? I will briefly discuss the items that were discussed yesterday which were universal health care and education, but we shall save that for my next posts as they deserve to be the topic of their own posts.

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Genevieve said...

You were there? I was totally there, all up in the front.

I got some great pics, but, to be honest, Obama's speech was a re-cap of a speech I saw him give about a year ago. It was fun, yet it was kind of...blah. I feel like people are more caught up in Obama's image than anything else (although, part of me is all, "Yes, but join the Facebook group for him, because your photos will get more exposure that way." Incentives matter, I guess, 'cause I did join the facebook group though I will not be voting for him. ;) )