Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Special: Religion and Economics

It is Good Friday. Easter is among us, and we continously face scarcity.

What am I implying? That the free market is God's gift. Many Christians believe that God would want us to live in socialism as we should share everything, but I ask you, IF this was the case, why would God have written the Ten Commandments to include property rights. Oh yes, property rights for how else can you covet your neighbor's property unless it is your neighbor's property and not your own. Private property is one of the foundations upon the free market.

Free market is not a thing that was created by man, but a gift that functions on its own. Man does not cooperate with one another and bring about a society when all is shared and given to one another, but this rather allows for free riders. A society that cooperates is one that trades for one action for another. Trades between their own private property.

Think of this, the Holy Trinity, is three entities in one God. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We break them into three entitites in order to better comprehend God.

"Competing in cooperation and cooperating in competition all people are instrumental in bringing about the result, .... the determination of prices, the direction of productive efforts, and distribution.... These three events are not different matters. They are only different aspects of one indivisible phenomenon which our analytical scrutiny seperates into three parts."(Mises)

Similar by coincidence or is the free market a gift? Capitalism is the means. A peaceful society is the end to the means. Thank God for Capitalism

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