Sunday, February 03, 2008

Rambo: A searching for faith in a hostile envorinment

Many know that I am a pretty large fan of many of Sylvester Stallone movies. The Rocky Balboa series, the Rambo series, heck, I even enjoyed Cliffhanger. There is no doubt in mind to how good his two large series that took place mostly through the 70's and 80's are. Rocky Balboa came out a year ago and proved to be a success even with all the criticisms brought up by Stallone's age.

That same criticism arose with Rambo this year, yet that is not the only thing that helped deteriorate the amount of people who wished to see the film. The trailer for Rambo is poorly done. In view of the trailer alone, one would expect to see only meaningless action scenes with a loose cannon of an individual who had the highest training in the art of war. Truth is far from the fact, Rambo lacks anything except 80 montages.

This movie is not for the light of heart. Rambo is bloody. Limbs fly, women are raped, and children are beaten. This is the world of Burma to which the movie introduces us to in a news commentary in the beginning with a remembrance of a cold feeling from fall 2007, the death of a Buddhist priest who was taking part of a peaceful protest.

Watch it, understand that government's are corruptible and that at times you will find yourself not wishing to get involved only to find there is no choice, something must be done. You have to find the faith within yourself to believe that nothing is impossible.
So the world doesn't have a Rambo, we have other heroes. We have seen Gandhi, Washington, Bolivar, to even Dr. King.

Rambo is a film about believing in something, having a reason to live, and having the faith that even if it is only you, you can make that stand to help make the world a better place. Let it be intellectually, spiritually, or physically but make sure you know how to stand for liberty by knowing what it is, why you want it, and what rights grant us such a grand gift to live.

Oh yes, click the title for a link to their interactive menu with information about the movie, the situation in Burma, and Rambo icon/wallpapers.

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Anonymous said...

You are completely right, Rambo is about making the world a better place even though it is shown in a canvas of death.