Sunday, May 11, 2008

Proposition for Mother's Day

  • Who had chosen this day to be Mother's Day?
  • Why should we all celebrate our mothers on the same day?
  • Why is it looked down upon when you don't?
  • Is it not better when the tradition is all your own such as wedding anniversaries?
  • Have to choose to love; if you are giving because it is expected then there is no love demonstrated in that moment, but if you are to give because you wanted to express yourself then there is a demonstration of love.
I propose that we change this. I will begin to celebrate Mother's Day on my birthday. I do not celebrate my birthday, and on the day that I had done nothing my Mother gave birth to me. It is a special day uniquely her own, and I will always know when to thank her each year.

In fact, why make birthdays uniquely a Mother's Day? Why not Father's Day too?
I think, I'll celebrate Parent's Day where I can celebrate the blessing my parents/family have bestowed upon me. Now I can get that reservation at the restaurant without a big wait, and show my love for them when I want to the way I like without any rules or restrictions. With the added bonus that I would never forget the day.

I can't wait for my birthday this year. I get to tell those who raised me


Genevieve said...

I think part of why we celebrate on the same day for everyone is the benefits to the stores...we are expected to buy gifts for what? signaling, I would guess, but it is easier for the stores to play up the value of that signal if they can run an ad for "Mother's Day!" And then they can price discriminate around that time, by charging different prices for flowers and the like. Like the Starbucks example in Harford's "The Undercover Economist..." put it with mocha powder and skim milk, and you feel super-special and Starbucks will charge you more. Advertise that you don't love your Mom unless you signal it to her, and, oh, by the way, you will tell me if you are price sensitive or not by purchasing the traditional presents for Mother's Day on Mother's Day, because I'll charge extra for thigns like delivery and flowers that weekend!

It is silly, though.

Ian Dunois said...

Haha I am glad there are others who agree.
My family didn't take it too well when I told them, but they'll be happy come my birthday!