Monday, December 08, 2008

Cold Hearted or a Life with Morals

Many individuals find work and put their effort into being good at their job so that they can maintain a satisfying life. The company goes under and the workers are now out of work. Is this now my duty to give money to support them? If so, what incentives are we giving here; to not work hard let the company fail because in the end you are still supported? Is there something I am missing? Am I just cold-hearted or am I just being moralistic.

Sorry the company failed. I know if I were out of a job I'd want help too, but lets not reward bad behavior otherwise we should not punish the disobedient child.

Rewards and prizes go to those who deserve it, not to he who cries loudest. Society as a whole frowns upon the parent who give in to the bratty kid, why should we give in to the grown ups who cry loudest?

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