Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Catholicism and the Sciences

Many are still taught today that Galileo went against the Catholic Church when he proclaimed the Earth went around the sun. This is false, and that it is still taught / believed is very troublesome.

Truth is that many Catholics shared this belief of a helio-centric universe. It was Galileo's interpretation of scripture that caused the troubles, we all read about in history books.

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Being a Catholic, does not take away economic logic. Demand curves slope downwards, and a price fix on anything will surely cause a problem in either a shortage or a surplus. As long as we don't make outlandish claims against scripture i.e. Jesus belongs to any political party, believes in any type of governing body, etc.

Thus we can disagree with Catholic Social Teaching as it is not dogmatic. I hope this will be the beginning of my posts against some beliefs held widely within the Church. For instance, that Fair Trade is good for the Third World.

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