Thursday, September 17, 2009

Raising a child: Immediate solutions vs long term costs

After having a child, many people will come to you with advice. One of the main ones I have continued to hear is to not let your child get used to sleeping with you in your bed.
Yes, it maybe a solution to you finding some rest, but the some rest today, maybe the future loss of rest in the future when the child at an older age still feels comfortable sleeping in bed with his parents.

Now this parental wisdom makes complete sense. Why does it seem to be forgotten when addressing other issues such as bailouts and healthcare? Yes, bailing someone out may help them in the immediate future, but in the long run, will it not assist them to pick up on bad practices such as expecting to be bailed out again for poor judgment? Not being able to sleep unless in the parents bed isn't frowned upon by society if it were a child, but if a grown man were to do it, we'd think there is something wrong with him. Is this not what we are creating, incentives that entice grown men to feel the need to crawl in bed with their parents because they can't sleep?

Parental wisdom says it is best to listen to their cries holding the child or soothing him in order to put him back into his own bed so that he can make it through the night on his own. It is hard work as the easy solution of putting the child in your bed is only a decision away, but in the future it appears, you'll be glad you did only listen and help soothe the child by simply rocking them and supporting them.

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