Monday, September 25, 2006

Unspoken American Heroes

As September draws to an end, I realize that most people saluted the military, the law enforcement agencies, and emergency units (fireman and ambulances) as their heroes. I did not spend September 11 this year reviewing footage from a few years ago to cause a fire inside me to burn nor did I join the many in declaring the men who took action as heroes. We know they are heroes, if we have forgotten then I am glad that we have so many in the blogging community to remind us. For this reason, in the end of September I will declare who I salute as heroes for this year, for the past three years, and on September 11.

These unspoken heroes are the immigrants that live in this wonderful Nation of ours. They only wish to find work in order to raise their family yet some have found only hardships. Let it be the illegal immigrants, those with green cards, on a student visa, or just became a United States Citizen; these men and women are heroes as they face an uphill struggle just like many other immigrants from this nations past. The day laborers deserve an utmost respect as in heat, cold, rain, and snow they wait out in the open in hopes of finding some work. Not only the day workers but all immigrants who learn english in order receive a larger wage an raise their own marginal production to those who find work doing the dirty jobs that most American citizens do not even wish to do. These men and women deserve the title of hero as they leave their home countries for a New World, hoping for the American Dream to further bless their families with the subsistence that they need. Some come alone leaving their families behind, others have no families nor friends spending birthdays alone with only a cupcake they bought themselves to celebrate. There is no race in the term immigrant. They are of every race and to me all the races are my heroes.

So for today, as the new television show Heroes is viewed for the first time, I am giving my salute to the immigrants of today, of old, and of the future. Let them always be welcome in our Nation for without them there would be a large decrease in heroes.

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Anonymous said...

I'm too cynical to have heroes.