Sunday, October 15, 2006

Loss of Free Speech, on the Net?

A young girl in Texas was questioned over posting a picture on the net that said "Kill Bush". I did not see the picture but, as exclaimed in the article linked in the title, it was a picture of President Bush and a dagger stabbing his hand. She is fourteen and had posted the picture on her Myspace page over her upset over certain political issues. Whats almost comical is the fact that they said her picture included a dagger stabbing President Bush's hand with only the words Kill Bush. I had wanted to see the picture so naturally, I searched Google for "Kill Bush" images. I did not find any picture that is described as the one the young lady posted on her myspace page, but I found a list of over 3,000 images. Not all are graphic but just the same, most say "Kill Bush".
Are we losing our own right to say whatever we wish, including a remark as"Kill Bush"? If a young girl can be questioned without her parents in the room, are we giving too much power to the Secret Service to impose a supposed safety? Are citizens of the United States next to be sent to Guantanomo Bay for questioning without any remorse for ethics and morals?

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Anonymous said...

The answer is yes, to all of them.