Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Season of Fright

Horror movies, they are forever being released and yet none give a large amount of satisfaction. Horror movies have the most sequels than any other type of genre. Just think of Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13, and even newer movies like Saw. (and people want to say they should end the Rocky series, which by the way, is released this December) Are movie executives running out of ideas that they create a new movie with the same story but add a few more twists? Yet they are continuously being released, because the public obviously is in search for a few shrieks and thrills. The same public who called The Passion of the Christ too gory, but in my opinion, the Passion at least had a great story line.
Not here to bash horror movies only expressing thought on why they are so popular. I know men who do not care for them but will watch horror films for their loved one. Why? Supposedly there is a theory tied close to being scared and to sexual arousal. Perhaps its because the girl gets scared jumps into her boyfriend/husband's chest releasing the pheremones? I am not a doctor or study the human body nor am I a student of psych, but that is a big incentive for men; that is if the theory that all men want is sex is held true.
Taking a look into the horror films we find a trend. Horror films come with cheesy acting with many no name actors who are hoping to have a break out performance (note that Paris Hilton was in a horror film). How many actors have ever won an award for a horror film? Consider Hitchcock horror and you may find yourself with a list of Hollywood stars, but his movies were inpredictable and did not include ghastly figures or grotesque death scenes, merely a taste of the unexpected or unexplained.
Besides of terrible acting the horror films tend to have the worst plots. Most have a beginning that draws you in only to leave you devasted in watching the film to the end causing yourself to ask why you watched such a predictable movie. Ok, so thats mainly the horror films of today. It is sad when M. Night Shamaylan is the only film director who continuously fools me with his plot, and he is not a horror film director(no matter to what genre others place him in). I'm not going to list the predictable endings to the horror films who only make you giggle rather than scream, but is there another trend rising? The trend of remaking horror classics? An American Haunting, Psycho, do I really need to list all the remakes? I am not sure what makes the public love horror movies, but I am not impressed. I want more depth, cause me to scream and shriek which is not blood and gore. I get that enough from movies like the Passion which made me cringe and close my eyes more than any horror film. Come on Movie Execs if you are going to say its a horror film actually make it interesting.

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