Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Competition for Love

So we return to the posts on love and relationships only to postpone the post on online dating which would include the topic of bloggers who want to date an anonymous blogger. It must be postponed because we have not had the chance to discuss the competition in relationships. We all face it perhaps some without knowledge but the competition is always on. This competition is the reason why men take women to the opera, workout to build a rock hard body, or study hard to achieve a large accumulation of wealth.

Relationships are full of competition since there are no barriers of entry for anyone from entering the market of relationships. The only restrictions are the preferences that are set by the individual that is wanted. These preferences, as defined in a few posts before, depict the market of the indivual's demand. These preferences limit the amount of competitors in the market as everyone does not fit the preferences, but even the one who meets the lowest credentials has a chance and is counted towards the number of competitors.

What is so important about these competitors? The more the competitors the higher the cost for the individual. In an open market, when there are many buyers for one good the price is naturally higher, but that does not necessarily mean the good would be sold at the price. It still may be higher or lower that it is sold at. Individuals that are wanted for a relationship are the same way. The more the suitors, the more each suitor must do. One may flaunt money, the other shows how many pushups he can do, but in the end, it is depending on the individuals preferences that decide who they would choose.

Competition makes people do things they would never neccessarily do. The country boys would learn to live in the city for the right girl, and the princess may give up all her wealth to be with a pauper. These are just two extremes, but they are not impossible feats. Often do we hear love stories of one giving up so many things for another, but as the saying goes, "You can take the boy from the country, but you can not take the country from the boy." In other words, for a period the suitors will do all that is wanted or expected. Bring flowers, tell jokes, open car doors. The idea is to be noticed over all the rest causing the competition to dwindle, but once you are chosen, once the decision has been made and life together is marvelous... the suitors stop working out, bringing flowers, and even taking their wives to the theatre. The movie Forget Paris said it best, "He was courting. Men do anything when they are courting." The truth is we all do things when we are courting. The ladies pretend to enjoy all that the men do. Some women have the silicon implants, others have the pads that insert into the bra or pants to make it appear they have buns of steel or a large cleavage. Men try to act tough or sensitive depending on the girl they have their eye on and even put down their competitors in hopes of decreasing their competition.

Competition in the relationship market helps maintain a social order. There are those who you would think would always be single and yet, it appears even they have a soulmate. The competition gives everyone a chance even those online who believe that they have met their soulmate. Understanding the competitiveness of the market enables us to know when to ask for more or when enough is enough. It is a gift to help find our loves, and best of all, it allows you to choose the best one that suits you.

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