Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fourth of July; Fireworks

Yes, today is not the Fourth of July. I was unable to receive access in order to write this post. I have postponed the relationship posts to include a few others.

I have been to many cities for the Fourth of July and have enjoyed them all, but I had always thought that the best display of fireworks was in the Nation's Capitol, Washington D.C. I am sure no one cares about where I believe the best fireworks display is, but that is not my point of this post. I had enjoyed the fireworks in D.C. more than other cities because it only compared public firework displays with other public displays. I don't think it was the fireworks display at all that I truly enjoyed, but the mass amount of people from around the country united to watch the fireworks display that shines with the nation's monuments in the background. Every city displays the fireworks differently but in D.C. it is this backdrop that gives it the edge over the other cities public firework displays.
Well, this year I saw the best fireworks display I have ever seen. It was not in any city, nor was it publicly displayed. These were private fireworks. In Virginia, certain fireworks are prohibited, but this year I ventured towards the center of the United States to watch an amazing feet, with the fireworks blooming over my head ashes drifting through the night sky.
Today's post is only to explain the difference between the public display and the private. The private display came from different angles, different locations. While one team reloaded, a different household would fire their fireworks into the night air. The blasts could almost be called deafening but rather left a small ringing in the ears, and the sulphur clouds filled the air. It was a show, from afar with the clouds hanging still and the fireworks continuously being fired, the display appeared to be a battle scene. A remake of the classic battle as the clouds began to drift and you could see the American Flag still waving on the neighbor's property.
Yes, I think we can conclude that the private show is definitely better than any public display even with a magnificent backdrop. The public display usually begins at 9 p.m and ends twenty minutes later. The grand finale is set up like clockwork while as in the private display there is no time limit. The show begins at dusk with a light spray of fountains and the few shots of bottle rockets or little fireworks that look like dynamite that emit their sonic booms. (yes, I know the names, but I am not here to advertise) The private display continues even after you have grown tired and laid in bed. The blasts heard from distances and you can only wonder who is out there still firing off their displays. The best, the fireworks continue for days afterwards as the fireworks are now sold at 1/2 off. The celebration is just a reoccurring battle. Forget the Christmas Decorations on the Fourth of July, the neighbors compete to who can produce the greatest show, and I can only congratulate everyone who fires fireworks as their display will always in my book top any publicly displayed fireworks show. Of course, I congratulate both the professionally done private displays and those that just by the prepackaged fireworks that enter a tube. Thank you for a wonderful Fourth of July. The fireworks were outstanding.


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