Saturday, July 01, 2006

Not politics, but entering relationships

I have been saving this blog for a little while. It seems that one of my first blogs on the topic who to follow Heart or Mind is popular as it has more hits than most of my political blogs. I don't mind because I think that blog is important especially for today's youth who feel free spirited. There is nothing wrong with feeling free spirited, but I won't begin writing on that topic again. You can just read about it here.
This lets me introduce my new topic upon dating. There is plenty of political blogs, and although, I would love to continuously write about politics I feel that speaking about relationships is important as well.
This series of blogs should be interesting because it will let me understand if people truly like reading blogs about relationships or politics. My prediction, the relationship blogs will create more hits. Unfortunate for the politics, but at least I may attract some hopeless romantics to bring their passion towards politics and freedom.

The question asked, "Can you be in love with more than one person?" This odd question (odd because who would want to be in love with two people?) is actually a popular question, especially with teens. The truth is that you can not be in love with two people. My reasoning is simple economics although I can also argue many sides that can disprove this simple economical answer, but most readers do not know economics therefore we will just leave it as a simple answer.
In economics, there is always a supply and a demand. Let us begin with the demand. Every person they have their own demand curve. Everyone has the man/woman of their dreams perhaps it is Fabio, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Simpson, or Heidi Klum. In any case, there is only one of these dream person for any particular person therefore we are willing to pay a large amount to have them as a partner. The price is not neccessarily money but perhaps a cost on having to work out alot, make alot of money, or even have an outstanding attitude. Each is its own cost.
On the supply side, there is only a limited amount of the dream people. They are rare and wanted by many therefore are worth a lot. The supply of partners is made up of more than just the dreamers though. We have the average people and the people who you would not touch if they were the last person on Earth.
I know, I know, this is getting long winded, but here is where you find why there is only one love of your life. Just like in the market, we may have many relationships throughout our life, but each relationship is only to help us reach the equilibrium, where Supply meets Demand. When you are not at this equilibrium, the relationships have problems, perhaps they cost too much for what they are worth or too little for what they are worth. This causes a problem since you will take more than what you are worth or the amount that you are worth but not a lesser amount. If you are receiving a lesser amount you would naturally trade up to receive a higher amount. This is why some people appear to date so many people. They are only trying to reach their own self worth although without knowing it. At the same time, no one would pay more for something that initially costs less, therefore the relationship would end again only to find another relationship that would bring you closer to your self worth. From here we can defer that Supply is a line, not necessarily straight but still a line, as well as Demand. Since both are lines they can only intersect at one spot not two... This leads us to the conclusion that there is only one love of your life not two or three, although there are many people who wish they could.
The next blog, if I am lucky enough to have power in my next distination, will be about one of the arguements against this evening's conclusion. Can an average person ever get to go out with a dreamer???

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