Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Who to follow? Heart or Mind?

It seems thoughts have been clouded... People today believe that you should "follow your heart." That "the heart does not lie." I have been told that "you should live you life as if there is no tomorrow." "There are no rules" that we are all just "free birds" and should "live life to the fullest."
I think these are truely the lies. The heart lies. How else can we not tell the difference between lust and love? One person told me it was because you need to be in harmony for your heart to make the right decisions. How interesting, harmony. Yet how do you achieve this harmony? Through the mind, or through the heart? And even the heart has rules. People always have their own rules. Some won't sleep with someone who has an HIV, others refuse to vote democrat or republican.
Religions, they each have disciplines in order to overcome our "animal desires." Lent is 40 days spent giving up something we are dear to, just to prove that we can resist temptation. To control our urges. Muslims have their own time of fasting in which they eat before the sun rises and later in the evening after the sun sets. In each case, it is to control these instincts, to prove why people are rational beings above animal creations. Humans are rational. We make a decision based off what is best for us. The idea that we should follow our heart is insane. The heart lies. The heart tells you to cheat just because the girl is beautiful while the mind the conscious tells you that you shouldn't.
To think people keep telling me that I should just follow my heart. I'll follow something but its certainly not my heart. Why is it the battered wife stays with her battering husband? The mind that tells her to leave or is it the heart that says, "BUT HE LOVES YOU"
I write this not to denote anything about the heart, for the heart brings faith, brings love, brings passion, but to tame the idea that the heart should rule without any rationality.We do not choose wives based upon our urges, at least I do not. I am too picky. For a one night stand, I would be picky, therefore for a wife the standards to meet would be higher. Yet when you finally find someone who meets the standards set you still can not marry them unless the heart accepts them. Without love, without the passion, the faithfulness that makes you do anything for them, the marriage is pointless. Therefore follow your heart, but do not let it cloud your judgement, remember to always be rational as well.


Anonymous said...

Gud words of wisdom...

Jan said...

It seems to me you are confusing wiener with heart my friend. But you are certainly right, it is much better to follow your head than your dick. The question I was searching for remains open:
Is it better to follow your head or your heart?

Anonymous said...

Hi, We all should follow our brain in every decision BUT there are decisions relating to a situation when our emotions/feelings/wishes/desires beomes too strongly attached with that e.g. Love, career aspirations then in that situation we should follow our heart and make arrangements for that and take challenges even because in that situations even if you follow your mind/brain/logical thinking then you will not get the intended results, therefore, it's better to follow the heart in these situations instead of being sad!