Monday, May 15, 2006

Driving Regulations...

Drivers everywhere appear to have a heavy foot. A foot which they feel entitles them to drive 85 in a 55, and then grow feverish as an officer on patrol pulls them over to protect the other drivers on the road.
Let me note that even I speed, but what is the difference between my driving, as I haven't been pulled in years, and others? I take into account that I live in Northern Virginia which takes a large affect as most people in Northern Virginia speed. My driving habits have not changed, but when I lived in eastern North Carolina I received many of speeding tickets.
The differences between the two?
· Speeding through small towns and back roads is asking to be pulled over. It endangers citizens in small communities, and the back roads are not meant to support speeding traffic, only what they consider local traffic
· On major highways everywhere speeding is not frowned upon. In fact, many states have begun to pull over people for driving too slow, as they now begin to endanger citizens
In Northern Virginia, everyone speeds on the highway, only a select few are pulled over. Police Officers have the ability to pull each over, but lets have it, speed limits on highways are too low. Vehicles today are fast, more fuel efficient, and everyone has drives them in that manner. The speed limit laws are now out of date as they restrict citizens of their rights. These laws, in order to be more accurate, should be changed throughout time, as regulations do become out of date.
Do police officers pull over everyone they can? Of course not, mainly those who endanger other drivers or communities well beings.
Should we be upset with the police officers for enforcing the laws that we had placed to protect ourselves? Of course not! If we wish to drive fast, then “vote with your feet” and move to an area where going over the speed limit is not as frowned upon, or you can stay, let your voice be heard and change the regulations upon driving.
But let us not shower everyone with hatred towards police officers for enforcing rules that are placed to protect our best interests. Different areas have different laws, move or change the law. The choices are ours, but if you only like to complain you will lose any support for changing any laws from me…

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