Saturday, May 20, 2006

Whites only??

Immigration. Today, I had the privilege of meeting a man who believed immigrants are ruining America. He mainly blamed the Hispanics and Muslims for our nations troubles, but I think his focus was on all immigrants nonwhite. Interesting gentleman, if he was a gentleman. He wore a red, white, and blue suit and his wife wore an I VOTED sticker. Its Saturday, May 20. I was not aware we had any primaries on a Saturday.
I find it interesting that he has such feelings towards immigration, towards immigrants. Many of people had approached him and spoke to him upon the fact that this country was first colonized by the Indians and then followed by the Caucasian Europeans. To think now, there are people who believe that the only race that matters for this country are the "whites"
You can consider these men like cockroaches. "Where there is one; there is more" He is most likely not the only one who believes in such nonsense, but what is more of interest is this idea to make a law declaring English as the primary language.
What a waste of time in Congress spent on defining what should be our primary language. What benefit do we receive from this time spent? Could they not have been working on a more important conflict??
In time, all things change. We have laws that are useless now; some even hinder us. Old laws that should have been replaced, but as it takes so much time to change the law, they remain. The language of the land changes overtime naturally. How are we to force this change to stop? If it is meant to be it is meant to be; it should not be interfered with. I doubt that English would be replaced by any other language anytime soon, but why is it society fears change? Is change not a good thing? Do we not grow up and learn new material?
Society is about change. Anything homogeneous usually does not last for long. Having one race in a society is like having only one type of cereal.
Don't like metaphor of cereal for people? Well its not the first time it has been said, since I have heard it many of times. Mostly when a man is going to settle down, his friends feel inclined to warn him, "Do you think you can wake up every morning and have the same type of cereal? I think in life you need a variety pack; a new one each morning." A "variety pack" heterogeneous good that lets the consumer have choice. Should society not have that same heterogeneousness good? Should society not have the right to a choice, or should we have the choice taken away? Well than while we are taking choices away, you can no longer have a choice in who you marry, it shall be decided for you.
Society has choices; society does not deny the rights of its people, society strives upon freedom. Today, inter-racial relationships are everywhere in the United States. The races have intertwined denying the chance of a homogeneous race to ever control the United States. A mix of all races, once called the "Melting Pot" because of the amount of interaction with people of all races. The United States should not have a law declaring English as its primary language. The United States should encourage all languages, should encourage interaction. Productivity in society will decide which language is primary. For now it is English. In the future, it may still be English, but forever it may not be English.

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