Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ghost Hunters

As more blogs are beginning to discuss immigration (the new topic of the day)
I shall try to begin writing on something new, chocolate milk. Perhaps not chocolate milk, but Ghosts.

Lately, I have been addicted to the tv at 9 p.m. on Wed night. No not for American Idol (I could really care less about American Idol), but Ghost Hunters on the Sci Fi channel. What is so intriguing about this show is displayed across the title. Ghost Hunters.

They are "plumbers by day; ghost hunters by night". I sit watching intensely for the ghost hunters to find a ghost. Most of the time they leave the buildings they were inspecting with a sense of sadness as they disprove another haunting. Finding paint thinner, plumbing, mold, bad electrical circuits, and dead mice to be the causes to some of the hauntings. Most of the supposed hauntings are disproved although there are the few times we receive the glimpse of the spirits who do not wish in leaving. There voices caught upon voice recorders and their images recorded on thermal or regular video.

The show is enchanting since it is the beginning to an answer of the question, Is there an afterlife? Now what happens when the ghosts they find turn to be malicious (none have been malicious so far)? Do the ghost hunters invent a device to catch ghosts as in Ghostbusters, an old cartoon/ hollywood movie? Or would the ghost hunters call in Catholic Priests to perform exorcisms and blessings? In any case, I am hooked. The question is asked and I want answers. Give me a plasmapack, I am ready; Lets go Ghost Hunting.

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