Saturday, May 27, 2006

Peace without any military?

The question, Can there be peace without any form of military?

The claims: Education can provide a way for rationability to end wars bringing about peace.

Facts: Religion has taught and preached upon peace for over 2000 years. Peace has still not been reached, some wars in history were created by religions. Most times of peace in history occurred because of military action. With time, as military might lessens, peace is lost and a new war rises. Let us remember the Articles of Confederation and their downfall, no taxes which disabled the ability to have a military. Shay's Rebellion rose in protest of high inflation upon poor farmers, and the national government was unable to suppress the rebellion. Under the Constitution, a military was created. Another rebellion rose disrupting the peace that was expected to follow the newly founded country, the Whisky Rebellion, which was quickly put down as President George Washington surpressed it with his military. Peace followed, until the Spanish American War.

Don't agree? Why are women usual attacked? Women are seen as vulnerable. Thus, they begin to take self defense classes, carry pepperspray, or they ask for increase in a police force to reduce any attacks upon women. Education does not end the attacks, but the increase of might does. Having a military does not mean that you must attack but mainly is used as a defense. Peace and military go hand in hand.

The best movie for this perhaps would be, Hero. The movie takes place in China which was broken up into different rivaling kingdoms. The Emperor of the largest kingdom had began attacking the neighboring kingdoms thus increasing his kingdom's size. His vision, uniting China under ONE kingdom, thus ending all rivalry and producing Peace across the land. The Emperor's life was spared by an assassin because the assassin had realized of the benefit this one war would generate in uniting all China forming what he called, Our Land. The war produced Peace. There is no Peace without War.

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