Sunday, May 28, 2006

Family Men of Power

Gandhi was married and had children, but as he began to find his place in teaching peace, he had to give up his family. Not saying he does not love his family only stating that he realized the importance of his position and chose to sacrfice his family life in order to take care of the nation of India.

George Washington, another respected man, never had his own children. His wife, Martha, and he chose their lifestyles and lived NOT for themselves but for their country, the United States of America.

Buddha, whose most famous reincarnation body known as Sidhartha, had given up his family in order to promote his teachings.
Only three examples, but I could list plenty more. Throughout history, men have either been single or have lessened their family ties in order to fight for a more important cause. You can not devote yourself to one thing while holding your values for other things high. There has to be a give and take. For this reason, the Catholic Church has celibate clergy, so that they may devote themselves to preaching the word of Lord.
I am not claiming that influential men can not have families, as many men have had families, but as they grow older with age & their children become self-stable; they find themselves devoting themselves to causes.
With this thought, why do Americans vote for married men who are close to their families? I understand we like to vote to those who are similar to us so they may have or value our opinions, but they are not devoted towards any causes.
I will not try to speak poorly upon any elected official, but they are given too much time for family. They had chosen to run; we did not force them to take office. As an elected official, they have to sacrifice their needs for the better gain for our country. They should have reduce their vacation time; if they want to spend time with family, they should serve the time left in their term and not run for reelection. I want changes, I want a level of output that leads to the U.S.'s future success. If policitians are not ready to sacrifice a year or two from their family life in order to serve for us in a government position, then I do not see a reason why we should sacrifice our vote to put them into office. In fact, let us reduce their pay while we are at it. This is not a job opening for those who want to earn pay. This is a moral position that people choose to fill in order to help improve the American Society. We need men of good moral character, like the Marines, we are looking for "A Few Good Men".

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