Friday, June 30, 2006

A blessing of the Judicial Branch

A few cheers, a few boos, but we have to be thankful for a Supreme Court who can reduce the power of any man, even if he is the President. Reduction of power may be saying a bit much as it is not really a reduction of power. Really it is a reminder that no one runs the government. It is not a one man or a one branch show. Throughout the United States history, the Judicial Branch has been looked upon as the weakest branch, but thankfully, when it comes time for them to shine they do can do it brightly upholding the Constitution that they swore to defend as Justices. I am not going to take any opportunity to take stabs at the administration, but I will at least give a note of thanks for not letting the government create a monarch whose absolute rule is final. A government without limited powers is a government who interferes with our lives too much. What rights can we have when a government has their watchful eye upon us, discouraging any thinking that may otherwise threaten that current administrations ideals. For freedom, the Justices have checked the Executive Branch from growing to strong. Again, I am not claiming that the current Executive administration would have caused a loss of freedom by their strengthening of the Executive power. Heck, they may have been doing it for our best interest, but the truth is what about a future Executive administration who takes advantage of the power and then begins denying the citizens of their freedom.

Thank You once again lovely Justices. Constricting Leviathan before it constricts us.

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