Thursday, June 08, 2006

Purpose of Religion and Government

Day after day. Discussion after discussion, I seem to find an endless debate; the debate on Religion and Government.
The ideas behind the arguements begin with "They just want to control you" and lead to "They just want your money."
I am not sure why religion seems to be feared more by the educated society than the uneducated. The educated society appears to have a chip on their shoulder that gives them a matrix of illogical thoughts.
I begin the defense not to support my religion but all religions. For I do not want to push everyone to take in any of my views. I want everyone to learn to decide for themselves, and so I begin the defense for religion by asking the rational questions.
  • What is the point of religion or government?
  • Is the point of religion/government to control its followers?
  • Is the point of religion/government to collect alot of money so the church may be wealthy?
I accept that man can be corrupted and that men of high stature in a religion may have abused their position, but these men are not different from any other. Governments are frowned upon just as much as religions yet people still maintain faith upon their government even when the abuse is in full view. Elected officials may have abused their positions, but confidence in the government is renewed every election with high hopes that the electee will have a strong moral constraint to do whats best for the country rather than themselves and their friends.
The difference between government and religion? Government changes every election while as religious organizations do not readily change. Yet don't the men who hold a religious position have stronger moral constraint. I agree that religious orders may be used for purposes to control and to contort the people, but it is not the point of religion. What is? Let me answer my questions above.

  • The point of religion is to "save" the people of society. What does save mean? It means that the world is full of confusion and religion, in any sense, only tries to bring a sense of salvation and meaning to people's lives.
  • The point of government is to maintain order among the society so that they may be more prosperous. (i.e. defining property so that people may maximize their own gains)
  • Government and religion do not want to control the people who follow them. They only wish to give guidelines to help people better themselves and society. Without freedom, man has little reason to live. Without freedom, you become a machine and to the church, who only want to promote salvation(heaven, nirvana, rebirth...), find that machines are useless as they can never reach salvation.
  • Governments and religious orders do not want more money to become more wealthy. What good is wealth if you have nothing to spend it on? Most religions collect money in order to help promote welfare in society. Government, in turn, tries to make society more prosperous by collecting taxes in order to fund projects in society.
Yes, governments and religions have been abused, but the moral constraints of man are there. We, as rational beings, must decide when elected officials, Rulers, Kings, Popes, and any other official of high esteem are not controlled by moral constraints. By a rational decision we can decide if someone is indeed truly a holy man, a man of state, or just a corrupt man. The meaning of life is not to be controlled, it is to choose. To choose your path to reach salvation. To choose to advance society by increasing your own education or to make decisions that better the society rather than your own income. Religion was made to promote salvation and in doing so only increases the moral constraints on man's decisions. Government was founded on the principle of maintaining a society that is able to distribute labor in order to increase societies gain.

Governments and Religions are not a ideology that should be hated but that should be cheered on. They should not be the object of hatred upon the belief of control, but rather frowned upon with the belief that immoral men have abused so wonderous systems that only are founded to improve our own self being.

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