Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Quiz Time

I was searching throughout the webpage and found a great quiz. There are two different formats, a 10 question quiz and a 25 question quiz. The objective is to find how much of an Austrian are you. What is an Austrian Economics? Rather than defining the Austrian School of Economics I will link you to the econlib webpage here. The quiz that I hope you are interested in taking can be found here . Of course, I will note that some knowledge in economics is needed since the quiz has answers for four schools of economics; the Austrian, Keynesian, Socialist, and the Chicago. Enjoy the quiz. It takes some time, but it is always good to know under what school of thought you fall under, or even if you do not know any economics; the questions give you a basis of what economics can teach you, how economics helps society, and the differences between the different school of thoughts.


Melissa said...

I got a 62/100, but I did not spend a lot of time on it... kind of tired. So I am 62% Austrian, which makes sense because I haven't studied too much economics, but it's all been at GMU- the home of the Austrians, which we can see in blogs like "Cafe Hayek." I will have to go back and take it again when I have more time to spend on each word. Very interesting, I wish my calender was open enough to go to the Mises seminars.

I really loved how one of the choices for each question was basically "CAPITALISTS SUCK" and derived some amusment from thinking of my English teacher just clicking each of those choices!

Melissa said...

I suppose it would be more helpful to you if I told you what school's answer I chose on each question.

1,4,6,9,10,11,12,13,18,25. Austrian
2,3,7, 15, 16,20,22,24 . Keynesian
5,8, 14, 17,19,21,23. Chicago

It will be interesting to see if these results change when I re-take this quiz.