Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Half a month in the making...

I try not to write poorly upon todays administration. In fact, if I do write about politics I do not try to put names upon any of our elected politicians. It is not because I do not want to offend the politicians but rather the voters, the everyday citizen. As an elected official, I do not believe you have a personal life. That is my opinion.
Those who serve in the military know it best; they are on duty 24/7 even during weekends and vacations. The military are always on call and are only given up to two weeks off per year. So, I need to be explained why politicians are giving time off that exceeds more than two weeks? Why do the politicians feel they can bend the rules to their whim, and above all, why is it they can choose the boundaries of their districts?

There are many questions to ask ourselves about the logic of politicians. To trust them or to not? I do not think it is my job to explain if a politician's actions is wrong or right. I believe it is the job of the everyday citizen to keep that watchful eye on the politicians because I can not watch them all, and it is the watchful everyday citizen who keeps the politicians from becoming so shifty that they try to detour from the Constitution. The Constitution was only created for one reason, to detain the Leviathon that is government. Not all politicians, but many try to increase their power, yes September 11 did happen but we can not allow our own freedom to be taken away only to increase the power of government which was feared in the early years of our country. History has been repeating itself with politicians trying to gain more control of the government. Luckily there have been some fantastic politicians with the dream of making the United States a country for the people.

Why did I feel the need to write such a blog expressing the everyday citizen's duty? It was the newspapers expressing the wrongs of the government; the wrongs being the loss of rights, of freedom. I said it has happened before throughout our nation's history. I take this moment to introduce a new book that is entering the market in October. The book is by Thomas DiLorenzo and called Lincoln Unmasked: What You're Not Supposed To Know About Dishonest Abe. I will also include a link to his speeches upon the government here. The speeches are from and tend to be on the libertarian side, but they are informative and useful in achieving a greater knowledge of what the politicians should and should not do.

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