Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Wonderful World of Podcasts

I finally had settled and bought an IPOD... I did it for the selfish reasons; for those moments where the world seems to grow tired and silent giving off that feeling that I can not think with such silence. I needed something... just a little noise.
No, I am not trying to advertise for the IPOD. I could really care less for the music and noise now. Its the podcasts that have me erasing my music files only to add more podcasts onto my IPOD.
The world of podcasts is plentiful fitting into any category. The more popular podcasts are the comedy sketches(Comedy Central), the daily news (The News Hour With Jim lehrer, Democracy Now), to running or biking blogcasts for the lifestyle of cycling and running. The best part of the podcasts? THEY ARE ALL FREE.
I can not seem to stop downloading these podcasts. Whats worst, is that I am not downloading the comedies as much as I would have thought I would, rather its the economic, political podcasts. Most are recorded lectures or discussions that are debating over certain topics. No longer are my days spent listening to the silence over the library as I huddle over another book to answer a mindless question, but I listen to scholars discuss certain material as I head to the library or bookstore helping me find new material to question.
The world of Podcasts is diverse and easily accessible. Let it be a preference in a religious ideology or just an interest for a short video clip for a good laugh. Podcasts are a wonderful gift that the world has granted upon us.

And for those of you without an IPOD, you don't need an IPOD in order to listen or watch podcasts, although with an IPOD you can listen to it on the go.

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