Thursday, June 15, 2006

Taxation; Selflishness

Dr Boudreaux from Cafe had written a letter to the New York Times editor explaining his opinion over taxation. Dr Boudreaux with the utmost dignity stands up for freedom, yet he posted a reply that was sent to his commenting on his letter to the editor. What is sad is the confusion the replier holds upon economics and freedom. The replier had the belief that those who opose the Estate Tax only have selfish, greedy reasons. If this were true, then why would Dr. Boudreaux have spent many hours blogging upon the reduction of the government involving itself within our lives. I have attached a link to Cafe Hayek, Dr Boudreaux and Dr Roberts economic blog site. Perhaps Dr Boudreaux response said it best, these outcries that it is selfish and greedy are "muddled".

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