Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Explanations of Absence

To the readers,

Not as if it was not noticed, but I did not have access to the internet through my travels over the Fourth of July celebration. If I had a someone who blogged with me, perhaps the blog would continue without fault, but as I write this blog alone, the readers are forced to wait for my posts. The readers of this blog really must have some patience, because I am not the typical blogger who tries to post everyday. I do not think of blogging as my profession; rather it is more of an obligation. I post in the small truths that I learn and wish to share. Perhaps its material that I have found and think it needs explaining or just a lesson I wish to give. In any case, I do not blog everyday. I try, but sometimes a block keeps me from writing about anything. For this very reason did I write this post. It is not to waste time but to explain minor details of why it seems some posts take longer than others.

I know that no explanation is truly needed, but it is only fair to any who have grown impatient of why I post infrequently. In any case my explanation has been said, and I will try to maintain a more steady input of posts. My travels for the most part have ended... now it is only in finding the material in which to post.


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