Sunday, August 20, 2006

Abuse of Power

I was reading this months Rolling Stone when I fell across an interesting article about the Governor race in Ohio. Yes, this is going to reiterate the already highly spoke of accusations that the Ohio polls were fixed in the 2004 Presidential Election. I was hesitant to write anything about it from this article so I began to look for more proof throughout the internet. It was not difficult to find that the circumstances are true. The Secretary of State Blackwell of Ohio had made laws causing it harder for certain individuals to vote. Namely the lower classes who do not have id cards or the time to have id cards with updated information as in place of residence. I am not going to begin to explain what was done. Only that Blackwell is now running for Governor of Ohio while still holding the Secretary of State of Ohio position. He could use his power in office to cause the outcome of the election in his favor. Not saying that he would, but he has been accussed of fixing the election in 2004. It would only be a smart move as to not run for Governor while still holding such a powerful position as he could be viewed as abusing his power.

Politicians are not the only ones who abuse the power entrusted unto them. The military gives their recruiters complete control in acquiring new recruits. The problem that has arised is the recruiters violating the rights of new recruits sexually. Young adults want to enter the service to support their country; others have no other options but feel that the military will give them a chance, yet the recruiters can offer the best MOSes (jobs) to those who they like rather than to those who earn the spot. As most of those who enlist do not know everything about the military, the positions or how to enter them, the recruiters have the opportunity to ask for something more, or even grant them a lesser position. Most recruiters are men so we can assume that it is mainly young women who are being sexually assaulted verbally and physically, but the young men may be abused as well even if they do not view it as an assault. We have not even begun upon the bonuses that the recruiters can offer. Would they not offer the bonuses to those who give them favors or to those who they are more friends with? Must new recruits become friends with their recruiters or should they trust that the recruiter is trying to do the right thing for his service, for his Corp.

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Anonymous said...

I always knew that Ohio fixed the race. But as for the recruiters abusing their recruitees I can completly agree with that. I've heard more then a handful of hazing, and abuse stories from various sources. It's a sad day.