Monday, August 28, 2006

Socialism better than Capitalism?!?!?

I was reading the Washington Post this evening (if you couldn't tell, I enjoy the Post), and I came across an article upon Bolivia and its new proposed Constitution. This brought upon an interest and I began searching for more information. Rather than finding an interesting blog upon this event I find a different post from the Democracy Center. It appears the Democracy Center supports socialism with their blog post, The Bolivian Government's India Mining Deal: Who Says Socialists Can't Be Smart Capitalists. My favorite part was reading the harsh responses to this blog, only as the anonymous commentors began to show the faults of the deal that the Democracy Center called being a "Smart Capitalist".

The question that I immediately ask is how can Socialists be good Capitalists? The deal was made between the Bolivian government and Jindal Steel, a mining corporation in India; the socialist government must go outside of its own boundaries in order to make a profit in a market deal. Yet, the government is not like a business firm, the money used to make the deal does not belong to the politicians but to the people who were taxed for the money. Therefore its like playing poker with someone else's money. You don't lose anything, therefore you will take risky calls that you would not initially take with your own money. The same goes for the government officials who do not lose anything upon any deal therefore will not be "Smart Capitalists".

Now if you want to see how the socialists made a bad deal. Read the comments of the blog where the anonymous commentor has placed the data which he received from the Bolivian newpaper, El Razon. He gives the material in english; his links to El Razon are in spanish.


Anonymous said...

How can Socialists be smart capitalists? That doesn't even make sense. People these days are losing all sense. That's just a stupid idea. And it's wrong that the Bolivian Government is gambling with their people's hard earned money.

Anonymous said...

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