Friday, August 04, 2006

Teacher's thoughts on Lebanon

I was browsing through the blogosphere when I found a teachers blog of the case. You can find it here. Let's give her some support and read what thoughts she has upon the situation in Lebanon. She has left Lebanon returned to the U.S. and is trying to find support for Lebanon. Interesting read.


Anonymous said...

After reading Jane's blog (the blog mentioned within this post) I found myself taking a different look at Lebanon and it's people. After watching CNN you think these people are completly different, but they aren't. They are scared, they can't do a thing and they are trapped in one big political mess. It's like all their suffering doesn't matter as long as their countries makes their objective of destroying each other.

The television keeps saying that Israel are the good guys. And you can really see from her blog that it's all a big lie. Though Hezbollah is terrible, Israel is far worst. They are killing cilvilans at the drop of the hat, the amount of people who died in Israel can't even compare to the amount in Lebanon. And no one is even thinking about Lebanon. People see countries as just pieces of land to conquer someday, not as an area where people of similar backgrounds (or not) just live. The world makes me cry.

Idunois said...

I am glad Jane's blog was able to give you a different view upon the situation in Lebanon. Its hard to watch the media and not take the side that they are given us, because of that reason I searched the net for a blog from Lebanon. I wanted that opposing view so I did not become centralized around a thought some media wanted to give me. Now the question is how do we help? What do we do?