Friday, August 04, 2006

Charity in a Capitalistic Society

I have been amazed by the kindness in humanity. The past few years have been filled with tragedies and the United States citizens rise to assist any who are finding stormy days. Not only did everyday people donate money for certain organizations that were created to support a dramatic event, but these same kind hearted people are reaching out towards their neighbors. Notice that I did not write upon the assistance given by the government, but on private donations or assistance.

I met an entrepreneur this past week. He found that his neighbors have had some tragedy in the family and need some support financially. This kind entrepreneur has taken it upon himself to hold an event in order to achieve some funding for his needy neighbor. Donations, an auction, and a raffle will all be held in order to raise funds. How do I dare call this Charity from Capitalism? The caring neighbor is financially stable and does not like to see his fellow neighbors facing chaos alone. He decided by his own will to find a way to assist them. Government help would have taken away the choice from any neighbor. Now I give it to you, perhaps you can not attend the event which I will tell you where and when it is being held, but you can just as easily choose to give by mailing a donation to their address. I am sure any support given will be greatly appreciated.

Now why did I write this? One to help support a family down in their luck. Not to make anyone feel bad in the horrors of today, but to allow everyone the choice(Capitalism is the right to choose) to help others or to not. I do not want to give out of guilt although you can if you choose, but to give if you are able to, want to, and feel a need to help those you can.

For those in the Northern Virginia area near Springfield, Va the fundraiser will be held on Sunday August 6th at 4 p.m. rain or shine at 8210 Rushing Creek Dr. There will be poker, pool, darts, an auction, plenty of food and drinks.

Thanks to all who read this, and thanks to all those in advance who do anything to help, even if it is just to pass on the information to others, a prayer, or to write a letter expressing your condolences. Thank you.


Paper Crane said...

Sometimes it seems like there are no good Samaritans left in the world and then someone goes and does something wonderful like this.
It makes me happy to think that people can be so giving and expect nothing. Though I cannot be at the fundraiser, I offer well wishes to the family in need.
And as a side note, I really like your blog. If there is one thing I hate, it's looking at some random person's blog and there is terrible grammar and the like. Kudos on such a well written and thought provoking blog.

Idunois said...

Paper Crane, I am pleased that there are kind hearted individuals out there as well. Many of us can not make it to the event as we heard word of it so late, but I am sure they would pleased to know that we at least care.

Glad you enjoy my blog. Hopefully, I can keep it up.