Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cost of Immigration continued

Yes, I have used the title before but it is short & to the point. Reading the headlines today you find what I had expected from such a proposal. That the cost for the Senate Immigration Bill is high. I had written about the cost of immigration here and here; although the second link is to the cost rising due to bribery. Why does this interest me so much? The fact that the Washington Post quotes Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado in saying "The cost aspect of the Senate plan has never been taken into consideration". Ok, so I took the quote a little out of context as Rep. Tancredo appears to be against the bill, but you get the point. Why do politicians like to act without weighing the costs? One because the do not have to pay it with their own money. Its the country's money which came from us, therefore their decisions are not rationalized upon costs... Rationalized upon what they think would get them reelected rather than what is best for our Nation. I'll keep this short, so you may read the Washington Post linked above.

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