Thursday, August 17, 2006

Let us Welcome the United States National Slavery Museum

For all the Virginians who remember our former Lt Governor Wilder; he has begun his dream, to educate the nation upon its heinous past, slavery. The United States National Slavery Museum is not underway yet, but they have constructed a website which you can find by clicking on this post's title. Incredible that they have begun to raise vast amount of money, have land donated for their cause in the middle of Virginia in Fredericksburg next to Interstate 95, and have the support of Bill Cosby and Ben Vereen.

Interesting that we created a museum for the malicious acts that encountered more than 50 years ago in Europe but have still to create a museum for the grief from our own history. This museum's life was created by private investors and donations rather than government funding. If I had an award like so many blogs in the blogosphere, as in Monstrosity's Winner of the Week, I would have to give it to Douglas Wilder who is still finding difficulty in creating the museum to teach the nation the wrongs upon slavery, but continuing upon his path to complete his dream. Click on the website and participate in the birth of a needed museum. They ask for $8 donations. Eight dollars because the number eight appears like shackles. The number eight as it is a good even number. Eight dollars because as the website says "if turned on its side, (the symbol) of infinite freedom. The Eight dollars because it will help us remember rather than forget our past. Let us support such a great cause. Even if we can not donate, we can spread the word which would once again create a larger amount of donations and support.

Now, if I can only convince the museum directors that the museum can focus namely upon African American slavery, but should also include exhibits upon other races that were held as slaves in the United States...

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Anonymous said...

Being a Virginian resident I find it wonderful that this museum is being constructed. With our blotched past it's nice to see that we can recognize it and try and make up for it. Perhaps the world will think of us as more the just hicks. Because, really Northern Virginia is completly different from Southern Virginia, and I'm tired of people making jokes that we live in trailors & have accents. But I do agree that we should also recognize the other people who have been enslaved in American history.