Sunday, August 06, 2006

God's Government

On August 4, the Ditzy Democrats had an interview with Shayna Englin as the Ditzy Democrats call the "first lady of Virginia's 45th District." Within the interview Mrs. Englin had said
I defy anyone to quote me the passage in the bible that calls for capital gains tax cuts and cutting welfare benefits to mothers. If God chose a political party, God would most certainly be a Democrat. God may be angry, but I’m comfortable that it’s not with me…
In the comments section I had replied with a short answer with a note that I may post upon the issue, and so here it is.

I had been pondering this issue for a while. What initially began me with my search for what government God may have or on what political side God may reside upon came when I had read a Catholic book claiming that the best of the Jewish Kings was David. From this I had to ask myself, why God would create a monarchy, only to find that today monarchies are frowned upon. Reasons why monarchies are terrible are easily stated. For one, man is not perfect; he would side with one side over another upon situations. To quote James Madison:

What is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.

Yet kings are not angels, therefore are not fit to lead us without any restraints. But why did God create the monarchy and have Saul, David, and Solomon lead his people?

Kristin from Ditzy Democrats answered me in the comments with the answer. That we, the people had created governments and political parties. God had never instituted taxes, never took away any freedom of choices, or created a welfare state. Is our valued republic the government of God? Of course not, if it was God would have created the government a long time before for us to follow through as the Catholic's believe 'apostolic tradition'. The people of Israel had cried out for a King so that they may be like other nations. God had instructed them that although he did not want to give them a king, he would since his people wanted it, but he gave them a warning that they would not like it.

Perhaps the libertarians have it right, perhaps we can have a civil society that works together through the market in order to create a nation that needs no government. I can't say that I agree with this, but God never did give us a form of government to follow, only the way to our salvation. Makes you think that salvation is not through government....

But make no mistake that God does allow freedom of choice, therefore any government that restricts that freedom we can claim is unGodly.


Anonymous said...

I believe that God gave us the choice to have a republic, a monarchy, or a totalitarian dictatorship. God gave us tools for which we sculpt our societies. I don't think God is a politician, I think his only wish is that his followers live humble, and happy lives.

Idunois said...

I like your comment. God does give us the choice for each, but what happens once we chose to live under a certain type of government like a totalitarian dictatorship which denies certain freedom as in the right to choose? Do our children lose their right to choose only because we chose to live under a certain type of government? The republic was founded as to maintain our ability to choose how our lives are to be led. I agree that we are to be humble and happy, but if we know something is unjust and we do nothing about it, can we not be held accountable?

deji said...

The sovereign kingdom of God is Gods government where all citizens of the world (Jesus called it the Church) will love the lord God with all the hearts, minds and strength, and love their neighbor, as them selves...IE ALL MEN TREATED EQUALLY regardless of demographics.

If you were obligated to work, but had a guaranteee from God that ALL the physical needs of you and your family would be met, what kind of work would you do? In Gods government, that would be your role and you would get paid just as much as your boss and your bosses boss adn your surbordinates would get paid the same

Unjust is Mr CEO thinking he deserves most of the company's revenue ($20M) of of the labof thousands who work for less than ($30G) a year... and then awarding him employee of the month. IRONY

Ian Dunois said...

God created all men as equal yet we each have different paths. Some face more pain and suffering than others but we do not cry out that this is unfair.
Think of the story of the Prodigal Son. It was unfair for the father to welcome his son who had left and return in such a fashion when he had his other son who stayed with him never receiving such a celebration.
The CEO does not think he deserves more. It is granted to him by the market. An equal wage is socialism which defies all that Jesus taught. Remember the story of the Talents to which the master left his servants with a certain amount of talents, which was a large amount of money then. Two had doubled the money they were given and returned it to the master while as the third hid it under the rock believing that the Master was undeserving to receive a profit from something he did not do.
Every day we face a choice as you face restraints. There is only a limited amount of anything and as such the market allows a price to be set according to the demand and supply of the goods. The price is merely the way to tell all those in the market where to allocate their resources. A CEO is paid so much for the work he does. Productivity not fairness increases wages.
To love your neighbor you would trade with him perhaps taking a loss in the trade if you can afford it since it creates good will and you know in the future you may need help in return.
Yes, the market was not created by man but the Lord to allow man to work with one another and to allocate resources in order to produce more for humanity.

Remember Deji, Socialism denies freedom of choice as you no longer given the opportunity to make a decision. Any loss of freedom is intricately evil as freedom is God's gift to us as he gave us all Free Will.

Hope it helps some.