Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ramsey still in News and not ex Redskin?

So a man is aprehended for the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey. I am not sure why this is receiving so much coverage when there is so many events occurring throughout the world. Let me rephrase that towards RECENT events, not a murder that occurred ten years ago. Perhaps if someone had been wrongly accussed, or if word was brought that the family had ties with a terrorist plot that was thwarted. But why is this case so important that I have to read through articles, spend my news hour wasting fifteen minutes for a 10 year old unsolved murder? There are many unsolved murders that do not receive any press; what makes this one so special?

The country had mourned for her death many years ago, but to keep bringing it back? I asked many upon the issue and most did not care anymore, so why is there so much press coverage? I have many questions on this issue. This is not the first time that the media has covered upon something to almost make it a household name, yet the most grotesque murders, unsolved cases, are forgotten. Columbine was tragic, yet there are still schools that face death. In short, I need an explanation, why is this topic still arising in the press. Does anyone other than the young lady's family need to know of his capture? She wasn't the child of Charles Lindbergh who was kidnapped after his heroic flight causing us to worry for his child.

Note:this will probably be deleted later, but I am just curious. Why?

Update: So I haven't deleted it, but would like to add a few updates. For those who are not aware, the Washington Redskins had a quarterback named Patrick Ramsey who they traded to the NY Jets. He was the starting quarterback the first game last season but was soon replaced by Mark Brunnel after he had an injury in that first game against the Chicago Bears. Thus, my title about Ramsey in the news and not the ex Redskin.

I also found at the barbershop that the Ramsey murder case is still a hot topic so I must give credit where its due to the media. They know how to make money and what the public want, even if I am part of the low percentage who does not care, it is all about what the market wants not one consumer. Good job media.


Melissa said...

The cynic in me says, 'Because she was a pretty, young beauty queen,' but honestly, I'm not entirely certain. It seems to me that it is unfair in many ways, to be giving so much press to this 10 year old unsolved murder, when there are so many wrongfully accused in jail, and lots of other cases that do not recieve this sort of attention. Certainly, it's good that they finally caught someone, but at this point, sure, it should go in the news, as I recall her parents being suspects for a long time, but then again, this type of media focus is a bit too much.

Idunois said...

Today, we were blessed with more coverage upon the latest tales of the Ramsey case. It has me so interested on the reason why because newspapers are private businesses, you would expect them to focus on something that would create higher sales. Heck, why not on Christina Aguilera's new cd or perhaps the unsolved murder that the new movie Black Daliah is based on. Tisk tisk media, bringing up hype that has me finding a different source of entertainment and news.

Which reminds me Melissa, have you seen that Senator Allen has sided against Net Neutrality. Why have the Webb bloggers not commented upon that issue I am not sure, but I would suspect that to be a heated debate.

Anonymous said...

Though the murder happened many years ago, we shouldn't forget it. I mean, her parents, in regard to the new confession, were wrongfully accused of their own daughters death. Patsy Ramsey died while the entire world thought she killed her daughter. Though I think that other things should be on the televsion, I think that we should remember this case. Not everyone who appears guilty is.

Natalie said...

I have read your blog and I find it refreshing when people talk about real issues and news. Too often do we see people discussing mindless things. Bravo to you. Keep up the good work.