Sunday, August 27, 2006

Catholic or Protestant

Georgetown University a known Catholic and Jesuit school has decided to out many ministeries outside of the University. What does this mean? According to the Washington Post, six Protestant Organizations are affected. Not that I am trying to be biased betweeen the different Christian faiths just the point upon property. Georgetown University is a Catholic and Jesuit university, therefore the Protestant ministeries must cooperate with any regulations the University wishes to place. Its just the notion of private property. I have many of times invited the Mormon missionaries into my home to listen to what they had to say, but I would not be happy if they were to enter my home to talk about their religion whenever they wished with the excuse that I had invited them before. Therefore I can not side with the Protestant Organizations who are finding trouble with the University's new guidelines. The University will still allow the Organizations to hold their meetings if invited by the students of the University so it is not as the University has banished outside organization; rather not allowing anyone to organize and preach within its walls without permission. Still, the cost for maintaining the regulation will be hard, as it is easy to enter the campus without being questioned, and easier to meet within small groups to discuss material without stiking any interest from authorities.

In a way, the regulation is meant to decrease the amount of outside organizations within the University, but as it is difficult to maintain it causes no difference. So why all the press for a set of rules that cause nothing? Perhaps the school administrator believes the Protestants, who have new management, are trying to further their outreach upon the University. Perhaps the school does not want to be thought as a Catholic, Jesuit, and Protestant school and only wishes to cause a delay towards the outreach of the Protestant organizations. Its not our choice but the choice of the University for what it wishes for its own outcome. Sorry Protestants. This one goes to the Catholics.

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People shouldn't go to other people's houses without asking. This is no exception.